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Name:Pigmask Commander
Birthdate:Apr 20

Note - Mother 3 spoilers.

Mother 3 spoilers like whoa.

basic specs
Designation: Pigmask Commander

Build Version: HumanChimera v0.9

Affiliation: Pigmask Army

Biological characteristics: Appears approximately 12-13 years old, orange hair, blue eyes. Small, agile build. Minor genetic splicing for increased hardiness and Chimera Gene (subject not aware).

Cybernetic characteristics: Prosthetic right arm, beam cannon capabilities. Replacement left eye. Various organ repairs. Increased speed, strength, and PSI capabilities. Artificial PSI weapon - Shield Killer. Inbuilt sensors. Inbuilt logical computing and data storage device. Jetpack socket (located on back).

Other equipment: Sword, able to channel lightning. Bat-wing build jetpack.

Identity before reconstruction: Unknown. (Subject appears to retain no memories, though does retain some knowledge.)

                                             More detailed chimera traits -->
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The Commander is a patched together mix of a human kid and a computer, more or less, and it shows. It wouldn't be accurate to say he has multiple personalities, but he does seem to almost have two modes he switches between depending on the situation.

The first is the one he's 'meant' to be - the logical cyberneticized chimera. His thought patterns truly do follow extremely logical frames of thought, efficiency and facts are important, and - obedience is important. This is what he was programmed for, to serve 'Master' Porky, and it's the Commander's default state. It's easily visible in his speech patterns - a pause to consider current facts, then the most efficient way of phrasing his conclusion or question - and he'll be making an actual effort to sound more like what he thinks a mature, competent chimera commander is supposed to sound like. With the way he is, 'logical' is a word he'd use either way, but he'll be trying to avoid slang and some contractions. On the flipside, sometimes he'll get very caught up in facts and proof and not realize when he's being blunt or rude, despite intending to remain polite, and things like rapid, disconnected switches in the subject of the conversation will confuse him greatly.

                                             More -->
hey look i lost motivation for roleplaying again S|

Sorry, life has been rather busy for some time and even when I'm on the internet I'm usually too tired out/lacking motivation to roleplay. I may or may not get back to here eventually. ;;

(all art not specified otherwise is mun's)

History: here

Time point: After battle outside Chupichupyoi Temple.

RP-related history: Will currently remember all interactions on memes and dear-mun except for fourth-wall breaking ones. If we're roleplaying together a second time and you don't want him to remember, go ahead and tell me and it'll be wiped. ouo
None of this transfers to destinystrings, rather destinystrings info may leak into other RPs.

Destiny Strings history: here

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